Rocca di Montegrossi’s cellars have been designed to allow Marco Ricasoli-Firidolfi and Attilio Pagli, the consulting enologist, to handle the grapes from the estate’s vineyards in the best possible, ecosustainable manner. In keeping with the organic cultivation of the vineyards, the cellars are environmentally friendly; some of the energy necessary to run them is produced by solar panels on the roof, while the remainder is exclusively from renewable sources (per the RECS International certification). From a functional standpoint, the cellar is designed to preserve the quality of the grapes, and to do this draws on both tradition and the best of modern viticulture, from the horizontal destemmer to the glasslined cement tanks, to the upright conical Allier oak vats with temperature control and computer-governed pneumatic plungers for punch downs. The wines are aged in oak casks barriques and tonneaux. Kinds and proportions of wood are tailored to the wines and the vintages. Finally, the winery’s crown jewel is the vinsantaia, located in a well-ventilated space up under the rafters. Here, in an airy 90-square meter room 160 nets hang from the ceiling, upon which bunches of grapes are hung, and inspected every week until they finish drying in the February of the year following the harvest. The little must emerge from the pressing goes into very small casks (either 50 or 100 litres), each made from a variety of woods (oak cherry, mulberry).